Arch Alley work every Monday

Arch Alley is the Tower View Team’s project for the alley on the north side of the square.  Artist David Williamson has been working with community members and students over […]

Design for N Chestnut Bldgs

The City of Jefferson acquired two storefronts that at one time was the Coast to Coast Store run by Harry & Vi Hoffman.  In recent years, Air-Temp Heating and Cooling […]

Tower View Team looks to 2020

The Tower View Team is a creative bunch and ready to move into 2020 with continuing current projects and adding some new.  This Team welcomes involvement of anyone interested! Ring […]

Business incentives for new downtown businesses

The Economic Vitality Team has offered a brochure of offers from the business community to an new business coming into the downtown.  These are given as part of the recruitment […]