Greene County Medical Center Announces New Continuum of Care Community

Greene County Medical Center and the Greene County Medical Center Foundation are proud to announce the development of a continuum of care community to benefit residents of Greene and neighboring counties well into the future. The two entities will work together to incorporate Ever Greene Ridge, the current independent living community owned by the Foundation, and the current Medical Center Long Term Care facility into a full continuum of care for seniors. A new modern nursing facility located on the Medical Center campus will house part of the project. Incorporating these two individual service lines into one organization with the same recognized name – Ever Greene Ridge, will allow for the delivery of a robust continuum of senior care services including independent, assisted, skilled nursing, memory and long term care. Ever Greene Ridge will become an organization offering care that adjusts to care needs over a period of time. The new entity will be able to address a variety of aspects, levels and intensity of care by building in future changes in resident needs during the aging process. A new not-for-profit, locally controlled organization will be formed and governed by area leaders, including individuals with expertise in long term care, law, community involvement, banking and financial planning. The new entity will engage an expert in senior care facility management and operations while retaining control with a local board of directors.
Community members who have committed to serve as board members for the project include: Teresa Hagen, Vice President at Peoples Bank and Vice President of the Greene County Medical Center Foundation; Linda Bills, retired Greene County Medical Center Director of Long Term Care; Jed Magee, retired attorney and Iowa juvenile court judge; and Tim Heisterkamp, Certified Financial Planner. “By creating Ever Greene Ridge: A Continuum of Care Community, Greene County will have robust senior services with all levels of care which is unique to the area. We are excited and proud to initiate this project to focus on the full spectrum of senior care in Greene County,” says Jim Schleisman Chair of the Greene County Medical Center Board of Trustees. “The overarching mission is an organization with a modern facility and state-of-the-art equipment, well-trained staff, a local board of directors and the host of services our vibrant community deserves.” Greene County Medical Center has operated a nursing facility as part of its operations on the second floor of the hospital for more than 55 years. About two years ago, the Board of Trustees and senior leadership identified improved access to long term care as a community priority. A market study and financial performance analysis identified positive results as well as a need for a new facility in the region that would replace the aging infrastructure of the existing nursing home. The Board’s resulting strategic initiative is the creation of Ever Greene Ridge: A Continuum of Care Community which will also allow the Medical Center to focus on its mission of delivering the quality healthcare services that it is uniquely capable of providing. The new facility will accept residents with Medicaid to cover the long term care housing costs, as well as Medicare, for healthcare services. The majority of the rooms in the new nursing facility will be private. The facility will also include assisted living units which will consist of studios, and one and two-bedroom suites. Ever Greene Ridge, the current independent living facility on the campus of Greene County Medical Center, will become part of the new entity to round out the continuum of care community. It is anticipated the new facility will cost between $16 to 20 million to build using funds from the USDA Community Facilities Grant and Loan Program. It will be constructed on land adjacent to the Medical Center being donated to the project by Greene County Medical Center. The project is expected to be completed within 24 months of financing, opening in fall 2022.

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